Around the Tree

Have you ever considered how unique you are? Your daily routines and habitual behaviors “feel” comfortable. You experience very specific tastes and preferences—from the food you put into your mouth to the manner in which you approach rest and relaxation. Even discomfort seems to visit you in the same way. We’re talking about chronic aches and pains—those sensations that define your sense of well-being.

At Royal Eagle Wellness, we recognize that you are not like anyone else. We understand that the best approach to natural well-being is one geared specifically to you, an individualized approach that takes into consideration the lifestyle you have already created for yourself.

Bonnie Caruso, founder, says, “Royal Eagle Wellness represents an authentic approach to natural good health. We not only understand that behaviors are difficult to change but also know the importance of engaging the whole person—physically, mentally and emotionally—into the wellness process.  Massage, Energy Bodywork and Lifestyle Enhancement work together to address CHRONIC PAIN, STRESS, and LIFESTYLE issues that pertain specifically to the needs of each individual.” 

We invite you to view our site. Our innovative INTEGRATIVE approach offers something for everyone who is seeking to take personal wellness to new heights.

Yours in Good Health!

Bonnie Caruso, MS, LMT