About Us

Want to experience the best YOU possible—physically, mentally and emotionally?

You could commit to taking better care of your body.

You could choose to take a vacation from stress.

You could even decide to be happier.


With our help, you just might make these changes. This is what we do…



Bonnie Caruso, founder of Royal Eagle Wellness says, “We know no two people are exactly alike. No cookie-cutter solutions will do.  We have designed protocols for Massage, Energy Bodywork and Lifestyle Enhancement that meet your personalized needs. We want you to not only feel good but also BE the best you can be.”

Bonnie Caruso is a Massage Therapist, Energy Bodyworker and Natural Lifestyle Educator. As a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Colorado, Bonnie also holds Certificates in Reflexology and Reiki and has completed a Naturopathic Program in the emerging science of Natural Wellness. Bonnie also has B.A. and M.S. degrees in Speech and Hearing Science and has completed extensive work in the new field of Sound Healing.

Bonnie’s Integrative Massage effectively reduces physical pain, eliminates mental stress and stabilizes emotions by combining three therapeutic massage treatments in one–Swedish Massage for soothing stress-relief, Deep Tissue Massage to address sore and knotted muscle tissue, and Neuromuscular Massage to treat chronic muscle problem areas. Bonnie takes Integration one step further by including Reflexology, Healing Touch and Sound, all designed to engage the mind and emotions in the holistic healing process.

Bonnie also offers Pure Energy Bodywork—Reflexology, Acupressure, Healing Touch and Sound Vibration to help manage chronic pain and stress and stabilize emotions.  An excellent complementary treatment for chronic pain, stress and anxiety, Pure Energy Bodywork supports the recuperative healing process of just about every physical, mental and emotional issue.

Bonnie offers another specialty, Head and Neck Massage, to alleviate the pain caused from jaw clenching, tooth grinding and temporal-mandibular joint dysfunction diagnosed by a dentist. Head and Neck Massage relaxes jaw muscles and retrains and tones muscles for healthy function.

Bonnie’s Prenatal and Postpartum Massage is designed to keep moms pain and stress free before and after birth. Uses a contoured side-lying cushion system that soothes and supports the body through all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Prenatal Massage must be approved by your doctor before making an appointment.

We know it is possible to enjoy the journey to wellness! Join us and become healthy the holistic way. Feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yours in Health!

Bonnie Caruso, MS, LMT