Energy Bodywork

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A body in pain is always out of balance energetically. Bonnie Caruso utilizes Energy Bodywork to release pain and stress and initiate profound relaxation. There is no need to disrobe for this massage protocol. 

What does an Energy Bodywork Treatment Session include?







When do I request an Energy Bodywork Treatment Session?

         >  To alleviate mental stress
         >  To soothe emotional upset
        >  To rebalance body and mind after a traumatic physical trauma

What does an Energy Bodywork Session look like?

       >  Client is fully-clothed and blanketed face-up on massage table

      >  Client may choose to be silent or speak with Bonnie during treatment session

      >  Client may choose to receive 60, 90 or 120 minutes of Energy Bodywork per session

      >  Bonnie utilizes the principles of physics (NO spiritual practices are utilized)

How will I feel after an Energy Bodywork Session?

    >  Cleared mind

    >  Relaxed emotions

    >  Soothed muscular tissues

Can Energy Bodywork be combined with my regular massage appointment?

    >  Client may receive a massage and energy bodywork in the same session

    >  Client must book a 90 or 120-minute session to receive both in the same session

    >  Massage protocols will be modified to allow time for Energy Bodywork

How much does an Energy Bodywork treatment session cost?

    >  Same pricing is set for both massage and energy bodywork protocols per session


Gift Certificates Available


All pricing subject to change.
30-minute massage$ 50.00
60-minute massage$ 80.00
90-minute massage$110.00
120-minute massage$150.00
60-minute Gift Certificate$ 80.00
90-minute Gift Certificate$110.00