Image courtesy of © Djma | Stock Free ImagesGot PAIN?

Bonnie Caruso specializes in INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE, an approach to natural wellness that may be just what you are looking for to ease body aches—even those problems of long standing.                            




Integrative Massage

Bonnie’s spa-like Signature Massage is sure to help you manage chronic pain and stress. An all-inclusive treatment that combines Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage to relax and repair damaged tissue combined with Energy Bodywork to arrest pain and mental stress and balance the emotions.


Head and Neck Massage

A massage designed to address tight, painful jaws commonly associated with Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction diagnosed by a dentist. No need to disrobe.


Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

Prenatal and postpartum massage designed to keep moms pain and stress free before and after birth. Uses a contoured side-lying cushion system that soothes and supports the body through all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Before making appointment, be sure massage is approved by your doctor.


Energy Bodywork

Bonnie is increasing her Energy Bodywork sessions. For more information, click on Energy Bodywork in the menu bar.

Gift Certificates Available                                               


All pricing subject to change.
30-minute massage$ 50.00
60-minute massage$ 80.00
90-minute massage$110.00
120-minute massage$150.00
60-minute Gift Certificate$ 80.00
90-minute Gift Certificate$110.00